Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU)

Right treatment at the right time

It must be an obvious fact that when someone close in your family is unwell and is admitted in the hospital, the bad thoughts always come up. In most cases this is true and it can be a matter of life and death. Although not everyone who winds up in a hospital is in dire need of special care, but one would not normally end up in a hospital for fun would they?

One of the wings that most hospitals have is the ICU unit or Intensive Care Unit. Patients who are admitted here are often those who need to survive through ventilators, high dose/specialized medication, high-tech treatment and close monitoring. The patients admitted here often go through painful procedures and are prone to get exposed to harmful infections.

It is in our hands to ensure that we use ICU treatment and chambers wisely and only in cases when it is an absolute necessity. People who actually require this kind of advanced care should get it from the right place and at the time of need. One also needs to consider the cost as it can be borderline expensive. Therefore, you need to weigh the options to ensure that your loved one has the care and support they deserve.