Keyhole Surgery

Laparoscopy surgery makes live easy

Also known as minimum invasive surgery, laproscopic surgery is one of the modern medical techniques. Rather than opting for the open procedures, many people prefer using this method for operation. It basically has a small tube with a light source and camera, and with the image that is shown on the camera of the internal body, the doctors are able to operate. This kind of surgery belongs to the broader field of endoscopy.

There are two ways of performing keyhole operation. One is the rod system which has a video camera attached. The second is a digital procedure which eliminates the rod lens system as it has a miniature camera. This also provides a high quality image which is better than the digital ones.

The appendicitis keyhole surgery and gallbladder keyhole surgery are very common and often suggested by the doctors to their patients. Even in cases of the gastrointestinal surgeries, this is sought after procedure. At the same time, the pain incurred is less and it take less recovery time as well. Rather than a single large incision, a smaller incision is required to operate. This also helps the doctors to prepare for adverse situations. In the recent times, the people also opt for robotic laparoscopy surgery, where the robots operate.

Some of the advantages of this kind of surgery include lesser pain, reduced exposure to internal organs, reduces chances of blood transfusion and easy discharge from the hospital. However, depending on the case of the patient, the doctor needs to operate. At the same time the doctor should have prior experience before using this because it has not only a limited range of motion, but also the surgeon might face sudden issues which might cause an issue and cause adverse effects.

Now comes the keyhole surgery cost. While one may feel that because it is done using specialized techniques, it is going to burn a big hole, when in reality, it is not as bad. You need to discuss with the doctors or surgeon to understand the procedure, cost involved, and side effects so that you can prepare yourself and lead a regular healthy life.