How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata

How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata

By MFC on 06,Oct 2022

Today IVF achievement tolls in India, varies between 30-35 per cent, as intended by the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department underneath the supervision of Dr Alka Kriplani of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

These days, cost of IVF Treatment in Kolkata (with urinary gonadotrophins) is around Rs.85,000/- while Cost of Normal IVF cycle with recombinant gonadotrophins include OPU and IVF charges and Embryo transfer,Ovarian Stimulation,Embryo freezing costs (Up to 4 embryos) etc.

Among the large number of IVF centers across the country, Mukherjee Fertility Centre (MFC) became the first In Vitro Fertility Centre of Kolkata that was started at March 2016. In the present face of stimulatingsterility, Mukherjee Fertility Centre in Kolkatais making itself the most important option by announcing pocket-friendly IVF Services along with other health facilities. Parenthood is the right of all but anyone; especially those from the rural areas frequently suffer from infertility due to Gyneacological infections caused by tubal block.

Hence to ease the situation, various IVF centers across the state, particularly Mukherjee Fertility Centre (MFC) has participated in the initiative of delivering the joy and hope of parentage to every couple of different financial levels within a nominal price range.


Today IVF is one of the largest and most successful options adopted by parents who suffer from extreme sterility so as to become proud parents of little babies. Mukherjee Fertility Clinic has recently marked its footsteps in the said field from around March 2016 with the creativity of providing parentage to every single couple of different financial sections.